Rev Online Voice Recorder

Completely Free

This tool is 100% free to use. Simply record your audio and download an MP3 at no cost. Ordering a Rev transcription of the recording is totally optional.

Privacy and Security Guaranteed

Rev does not collect your recordings or upload anything to our servers. Anything you record is accessible to you and you alone. This tool is completely secure & encrypted.

MP3 Download Format

Our online voice recorder allows you to download a free MP3 after the audio has been recorded.
Try Rev


Click the "Record" button to record audio.


Speak into your device's microphone and make sure the animation shows that audio is being recorded.


Click "Pause" whenever you wish to stop the audio.


Click "Preview" to play back your audio with a waveform, where you can listen to your entire recording. You can fast forward, rewind, trim your audio, and play your audio in this view.


Click "Transcribe" to transcribe your recording to text. Click the "Download" icon to download the recording as an MP3. Click the trashcan icon if you'd like to delete your recording and start over.


"Transcribe" adds the recording to your Rev cart in a new tab where you can purchase a transcript. "Download" gives you your recorded MP3 file!

Transcribe your online voice recording to text

$1.50 per minute, 12 hr turnaround time, 99% accurate transcription
Transcribe your downloaded MP3 with our human transcription services if you're interested in a more accurate solution.
$0.25 per minute, 5 minute turnaround time, 90%+ accurate transcriptions
Transcribe your downloaded MP3 with our speech recognition voice to text solution if you're interested in a more affordable, quick turnaround time.
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Free iPhone Call Recorder

Record and transcribe any calls on the iPhone - both outgoing & incoming calls. Perfect for phone interviews and meetings.
Now available in the U.S. for iPhone.
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Voice Recorder App

Don't have a reliable audio recorder? We can help with that too. Rev offers a Voice Recorder app - free to download on iPhone and Android. Use your smartphone to conveniently record high-quality audio, edit the files directly in the app, and share with us for transcription. Get your voice recorder for free by downloading our app from your preferred app store.
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About the Online Voice Recorder

The Rev Online Voice Recorder is a completely private, and easy to use free tool which you can use to record audio, download MP3s, and transcribe speech to text.