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Are your followers interested in Rev’s transcription and captioning services? Then let’s partner up! If you have 25k followers across your social media platforms, you may be eligible to start making money with our influencer marketing program.

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Become an influencer

We love working with influencers to help promote content accessibility with Rev’s transcription and captioning services.

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Send us your application. If you seem like a good fit for our influence program, we’ll send you an email with next steps.

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Create content

However you want to send traffic to is up to you. Whether it’s a full video promoting Rev or just a shoutout, you’ll be credited for anyone who clicks your referral URL.

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Get paid

Influencers are paid monthly via Impact. You'll receive commission for every customer who arrived at by clicking your unique URL.


Limitless earning potential

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Earn $100 for each new customer you refer

The more customers you refer, the more you earn with Rev’s influencer program.

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Get a unique referral URL

Post the URL to your content to earn customer referrals (and moolah!). 

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Access analytics to track your referral data

Monitor your click-through rate, number of sales, and more.

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Enjoy promotions through our channels

We’ll feature you on our blog and promote you on our social channels.

Rev Influencer Program Q&A

Who do we work with?

We work best with influencers who actively create video or blog content for audiences that would be interested in Rev's transcription and closed caption services.

What are the requirements of the program?

The minimum requirements are to have a social following of over 25,000 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

How does the influencer referral payment work?

You will receive $100 for every new customer that your referral URL drives. Payouts are monthly via PayPal.

How do I generate revenue?

Once you're signed up for the program, you will be provided with a custom referral URL. It's up to you how you send traffic to our website, but the most successful influencers create videos, blog content.

How do I track my performance?

You'll be given access to your own personal influencer dashboard where you can view your clicks and commission data.

Want to join our affiliate marketing program?

We have a mutual interest in helping each other—so let’s work together! You can earn a commission rate and affiliate links with our program.

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