Voice recording made simple

Make a high-quality audio recording with just a single tap—then get a text version transcript. Download our free voice recorder app to your iPhone or Android device and start recording.

UI of Live interview recording on iPhone with Rev free voice recorder app to get a text version transcription

Need to record right now? Try our desktop online voice recorder.

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Tap to record

If it’s said out loud, it can be recorded. Capture interviews, memos, lectures, and meetings with the push of a button.

Organize and share

Organize your voice recordings and edit audio files on the app, then share via email, Dropbox, or Evernote.

Order transcripts

Order a 99%-accurate text transcription of any voice recording for just $1.50 per minute. You’ll receive your file in under 12 hours.

Turn your phone into a recording device

Rev’s free voice recorder app offers higher-quality recordings than a standard voice recorder. Download it directly to your phone to make audio recordings on the go. 

When conducting interviews or trying to remember an idea, our voice recorder app ensures you have a virtually perfect reference for important sound bites. Whether you’re a journalist conducting an interview, a detective questioning witnesses, or a blogger creating new content, the Rev audio & voice recorder app is the best way to capture every detail. 

Aside from the crystal-clear audio quality and intuitive user interface, this recording app also makes it easy to order transcripts from the most accurate transcription provider in the world—Rev. Order a 99%-accurate text version of your recording in under 12 hours, transcribed by one of our 72,000+ expert transcriptionists.

Trusted by 100,000+ customers who use Rev's Voice Recorder on the go

Lary Hay

Private investigator, Kingston ON

I'm pretty impressed with this app. It's simple in the design and very easy to use.

Kush Desai

Student, Omaha NE

Easy to play back recordings and send them off for transcription. If there's ever a problem, Rev always has a strong customer service team.

Vivek Agrawal

It's a nicely designed voice recorder, and I like the tie ins you have to send files to Dropbox or email from the app. Makes it more useful than native voice notes.

Rev's Free voice recorder app available both for iPhone or Android devices where user can transcribe voice into text

At Rev, our goal is to extend our service beyond just delivering a text transcript.

We strive to give customers useful tools that simplify their workflow and keep things in one easy to access place. Need a dependable audio recorder? Try the Rev Voice Recorder. Need to record phone calls? We also have a free iOS call recording app, Rev Call Recorder, available in the Apple App Store.

If you have additional audio or video files that you’d like to have transcribed beyond the recordings on your phone, we can help with those too. Simply upload your files from your desktop browser, and our team will work to transcribe your audio to text with 99% accuracy.

Learn more about our transcription services
A man is recording a voice note on his phone with Rev's free voice recorder app to get in a text transcript

If you’re ready to try the Rev Voice Recorder, it’s completely free.

The only thing you'll pay for is our transcription services. Otherwise, you can record as many audio files and voice notes as you need without paying a cent. Just search Rev Voice Recorder in your phone's app store or click the link below to download the app directly to your phone.