How to Convert M4A to Text Online

Today’s business environment includes more phone and video conferencing than ever. Millions of professionals now conduct online interviews, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and much more on a daily basis.  Through it all, they’re recording and creating audio files for everything. That means a lot of transcriptions, which have traditionally taken a significant amount of resources.  There is a…

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How to Convert a MP4 to Text Online

Rev makes it easy to quickly turn your .mp4 video files to text with 99% accuracy. Rev’s competitive rates start at just $1.25 per audio or video minute, and transcription is done by human professional transcriptionists. This article will walk you through the step by step process of turning your video files to text. It’ll…

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How to Convert WAV Files to Text Online

Every day, individuals and companies around the globe capture raw audio. Audio files are often saved in audio formats like waveform (WAV). Speech recognition software translates these WAV files into text to increase efficiency. Today, online speech to text conversion services have become an effective solution. As a result, the speech to text market is likely to…

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Closed Captions

How to Add Captions & Subtitles to Recordings

Remote work is growing at an unprecedented rate. In the US alone, 4.7 million employees work from home at least half the week, and 44% of employees say that part of their team is full-time remote. There are several benefits of remote working, including: Unlimited access to global talent Increased productivity rates Cost savings Flexibility of workspace Social distancing during…

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How to Add Captions & Subtitles to Cisco WebEx Recordings

As of 2015, there were 3.9 million U.S. remote workers. Today there are approximately 4.7 million people working remotely. Amid the global pandemic, with companies focusing heavily on social distancing, the number of remote workers is rising faster than ever. As more organizations increase their remote workforce, there remains an ever-pressing need for enhanced internal communication. Thankfully, there…

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How to Add Captions & Subtitles to BlueJeans Recordings

With more companies working remotely, there’s an ever-pressing need for enhanced video communication. While it’s true there are several platforms for hosting online company meetings, not all platforms come with the same features.  If you’re looking to host a successful company meeting, it’s integral to find a platform that allows for live participation as well…

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Foreign Subtitles

Subtitle Meaning: What Does “Subtitle” Mean?

Korean director Bong Joon Ho made a compelling case for subtitles to a Golden Globes audience. Clutching the award for best foreign-language film, Parasite, he shared some advice in his native tongue.  That 1-inch-tall barrier is a bar at the bottom of the screen containing text and context for viewers. Those subtitles do a lot.…

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Spanish Subtitles: The Importance of Adding Spanish Subtitles to Videos

You can create added value for your audience by making proper use of Spanish subtitles. Those who aren’t in the business of creating videos might think that Spanish subtitles and closed captions are the same. However, they’re quite different. Captions are a transcription of dialogue while subtitles are a translation, usually of English captions. Nevertheless,…

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How To Meet Amazon Prime Video’s Standards for Captions and Subtitles

If you’re an independent video creator who wants to distribute your work on a major streaming media platform, Amazon Prime Video is absolutely one of your best bets. Amazon offers a huge and growing subscriber base. You can send your video directly to Prime Video free of charge, and then earn revenues when members buy…

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Automatic Transcription

What Does ‘Voicemail Transcription Not Available’ Mean?

iPhone’s automatic transcription of voicemails is extremely convenient for people who need readable records of their messages. But this AI-based service doesn’t always work well. The voicemail transcriptions can be inaccurate, incomplete, or missing altogether. It’s not uncommon to find the error message “transcript not available” when you access your visual voicemail.  This can be…

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How To Automatically Transcribe Audio

If you’ve ever spent hours manually transcribing a voice recording, you know how tedious the process is. Rewind, replay, pause, type, repeat. It takes, on average, four hours to transcribe one hour of audio. But there is an easier way. Simply upload a high-quality audio file on Rev and we’ll automatically transcribe it for you…

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How to Add Captions & Subtitles to Lifesize Recordings

Remote working is growing in popularity, especially amid the pandemic. As more teams increase their remote workforce, it becomes critical for teams to communicate via video conferencing software. While video conferencing software is a stellar way to stay connected, studies show that employees forget up to half of the information presented within one hour of the meeting. Within…

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Cisco Webex Transcription: Transcribe Webex Meetings & Recordings

Cisco Webex meetings have been a go-to solution for businesses who want hassle-free video conferencing for enterprise. When taking meeting notes becomes overwhelming, what can you do? Webex transcription isn’t readily offered at the moment by Cisco, but by using these simple steps, you will be able to get meeting transcripts in no time. First:…

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Skype Transcription: How to Transcribe Skype and Skype for Business Calls

If you’ve been using video conferencing as a way to stay in touch with friends or colleagues from home, you may have found the experience isn’t at all like being in the same room. On group calls each participant’s surroundings offer new distractions, so it’s all too easy to miss details as the conversation passes…

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Other Resources Pricing Guide

Pricing for Rev Services Here we outline the details and costs of each service offered. 99% Accurate Audio & Video Transcription Pricing Rev charges $1.25 per minute of audio or video. For example, a 30-minute clip costs $37.50. Timestamps and verbatim are options that cost an extra $0.25 per minute each. “Rush” transcripts cost…

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What is the Best Timecode Generator?

Choosing the Best Timecode Generator One of the most iconic images that we all associate with movie production is the clapper board. Things have come a long way since then, with almost all video now recorded on digital cameras. Yet, the reasons for using clapper boards with times and other data written on them still…

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What is WER? What Does Word Error Rate Mean?

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology uses machines and software to identify and process spoken language. It can also be used to authenticate a person’s identity by their voice. This technology has advanced significantly in recent years, but does not always yield perfect results.  In the process of recognizing speech and translating it into text form,…

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