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Whether you want to integrate the world’s largest speech-to-text marketplace or the world’s most accurate speech recognition model into your products or workflows, Rev has developed the APIs to help you do either (or both).

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Two colleagues are integrating Rev's Speech to text APIs for automatic transcription of a large volume of Content
Save precious time with voice recognition APIs

Pre-built speech-to-text solutions ready to implement.

With Rev's Speech to text APIs for 15+ languages in video, content creators can now easily make content accessible globally.

Order captions and transcripts from your tools.

  • Access Rev’s community of freelance captioners and transcriptionists—all 72,000+ of them

  • With a seamless integration, you can eliminate extra steps to get the desired output

  • Receive 99% accurate captions and transcripts in less than a day

  • Customize your outputs with Rev’s best-in-class editing tools


Harness the most accurate speech recognition model in the world.

  • Provide a great user experience with a highly accurate model trained on 50,000+ hours of representative data

  • Simplify your build with a single model for all accents, dialects, languages, and audio types

  • With a seamless integration, you can eliminate extra steps to get the desired output

  • Cut time to market with simple documentation and premium support

Our compliance standards

Rev is committed to safeguarding our customers’ data. To demonstrate this commitment, Rev maintains compliance with a number of both internationally-recognized and industry-specific security and privacy standards, including:

Soc 2 Type II

Rev engages an independent, third-party auditor to perform an annual SOC2 Type II Attestation. Rev’s SOC2 Type II report includes details on the internal controls at Rev designed to protect the security and maintain the availability of our customer’s data. More information on Rev’s SOC2 Type II report can be found here.


Rev’s services were built with privacy in mind, designed to make it easy for customers to comply with their privacy obligations. More information on how Rev complies with privacy regulations can be found in Rev’s Data Processing Addendum and Privacy Policy.


Rev maintains PCI compliance as a merchant for payment processing. All credit card payments are facilitated through a third party payment processor. Rev does not store credit card details, only an independent ID associated with the account handled by the payment processor.

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