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Text is the most versatile form of communication on the planet. Transcribe and share yours to drive more value and connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

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Make your content accessible

Make your content accessible for everyone, whether it’s captioning your course content or transcribing your podcast.

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Expand markets

Audio transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles help your content reach a wider audience and expand into non-English-speaking markets.

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Streamline your workflow

Convert your speech to text and build a more efficient workflow that lets you streamline video editing, replace note-taking, and effortlessly find insights.

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Media & Entertainment

Expedite your editing process and maximize your distribution workflow with transcripts and captions.

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Give every student access to a great education, no matter their native language, ability, or learning environment.

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Legal Services

Accurately transcribe and share important moments from depositions and proceedings that are accurate to the letter.

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Increase engagement, broaden your reach, and expand into new markets around the world.

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News & Broadcast

Break stories ahead of your competitors with fast turnaround times on captions and transcripts.

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Find key insights among thousands of hours of qualitative interviews in minutes.

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Speech-to-text services

Add closed captions to your video in English.

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Transcribe your audio or video into text.

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Translate your video into 15+ languages.

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