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  May 29, 2020  
Michael H.
It looks good and came in record time.
  May 29, 2020  
Veronica J.
Fast and accurate
  May 29, 2020  
rebecca m.
turn around is great. Still had to go through and correct words that were not accurate and revealed the transcription is not checked by humans. Not a big deal and all and very high value for the convenience and cost. Thank you
  May 27, 2020  
Sharon B.
Great, helpful!
  May 27, 2020  
Great service. Thank you
  May 26, 2020  
Shari is a tool I use on the regular as a freelance editor and journalist. The turnaround is quick and the quality is always good.
  May 26, 2020  
Melshon C.
Thank you your staff was very professional and they captured a lot of verbals that i could not. i would definitely recommend this service to anyone that is seeking an video and audio analysis.
  May 26, 2020  
Matthew W.
Very quick turn around. Love the web interface and ability to apply edits to the finished deliverable. Have not reviewed entire product, but captions are accurate so far.
  May 25, 2020  
Worked great! Every other place that I went to, to get a transcript kept saying the sound quality wasn't good enough, even though there was no background noise. This made a very frustrating situation smooth. One complaint was that it was spendy, but it worked, so it was worth it.
  May 25, 2020  
Everything came out great. Delivery was fast and download was simple.
  May 23, 2020  
Joe C.
Rev has really stepped up to the plate with transcribing films/videos for filmmakers. Because I can view the film and the transcription at the same time, I can easily create a script from the visual film for further grants and to copyright my product. Very handy indeed. They are super fast, in a few hours they were done with a 90 minute film and reasonable in cost. I recommend them completely.
  May 23, 2020  
Fu T.
Accurate caption given. FAQs is not helping much (not very clear with directions), didn't really help solve the problem. Had to youtube things that suited to solutions
  May 22, 2020  
Jon H.
Awesome job as always.
  May 22, 2020  
Michael W.
Great transcripts very accurate
  May 21, 2020  
Joanne B.
Very accurate and thorough. Wonderful job - Thank you.
  May 20, 2020  
Savannah D.
So pleased with caption quality, delivery turn around (so prompt) and price! Highly recommend Rev. Will be using their platform and service again and again. Thank you. Savannah Daisley - Founder 14 Day Smart Cleanse Australia BHSc ND
  May 20, 2020  
Remy D.
Your 99% is true. Only small edits was needed and it saved us a tone of time/money/effort.
  May 20, 2020  
This service is ALWAYS fast and reliable. We use them for all our TV programs and documentaries.
  May 20, 2020  
Andrew M.
The service is very good, even with accents, they get it right, or extremely close... I would highly recommend them..we use them about 5 times a week...all great results
  May 19, 2020  
Melanie A.
The fact that you get to open it up in their editor and fix things or move around subtitles is fantastic. Super quick too.