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  June 9, 2020  
Jodie W.
Easy to sign up. only took 28 minutes to turn around first transcription.
  June 9, 2020  
Brandee G.
I received my transcript in just a couple of hours and found it to be highly accurate. I will use Rev for my next transcript. Thanks for the great service!
  June 8, 2020  
Lydia M.
I work in a technical scientific field and it is clear that Rev employees are going to extra lengths to ensure that they are getting terminology correct. By far, my favorite transcription and captioning service!!
  June 8, 2020  
Narelle T.
Spot on transcription and done fast.
  June 8, 2020  
Quick and accurate, can't ask for anything more!
  June 7, 2020  
Edward T.
Very efficient and inexpensive!
  June 7, 2020  
So fast, so accurate! Good deal! I'm budgeting for this in every future research project I do!
  June 7, 2020  
Rex B.
Amazing accuracy for a persin with a sodt vouce
  June 6, 2020  
Donna R.
Fast turnaround and excellent transcription. Thank you, this saves me hours of time.
  June 6, 2020  
Catherine A.
Excellent experience. Fast, accurate and inexpensive.
  June 6, 2020  
Did what it was supposed to do... Quickly Efficiently Economically
  June 5, 2020  
Shelley G.
Awesome turn around time!
  June 5, 2020  
Lynn T.
Excellent and fast service.
  June 4, 2020  
Christopher T.
Excellent work!
  June 4, 2020  
David L.
the transcription is very accurate but there should be two spaces between sentences, not one.
  June 3, 2020  
Laurence G.
Simple and cost effective. You can get on with your business!
  June 3, 2020  
Dan M.
This service is exceptionally fast, affordable and accurate. The collaborative features could be improved to make this an even stronger platform for collaborative edits of the recorded material.
  June 3, 2020  
As always, I'm blown away by the speed, accuracy, and transcription. Sometimes my interviewees mention intricately spelled names that I'm sure the transcription will get wrong, and they're spelled perfectly. Happy to be a returning customer and happy to recommend your stellar services to other writers who need them.
  June 1, 2020  
Susan W.
This is my second order with The first was really good- I only had to make a few corrections. This second one is terrible. I am on line 176 of around 800 lines and so far I have had to make corrections on just about every line. If I have to make this many corrections, I would have been better off to do it myself and save the money. Very disappointed!!
  May 30, 2020  
Homayra S.
Excellent Prompt Precise